Box filter changing size and image types


Do you have any suggestions on the best way to program calculations on an image set? I want to create a continuous buffer of 5 images (FIFO) and then do pixel-wise calculations continuously on this set of 5 Frames to visualize them, is it possible to do this with available visionworks functions or would it require a custom approach? Also, for custom convolution/box filter only U8 image types are accepted as inputs, can a U16 be used for any of these or do you have any alternate suggestions to use this for a U16 image and not U8?

Thanking you in advance for your reply


Sorry for the late update.

We have another computer vision library called VPI, and it also supports the box filter.
Since VisionWorks is deprecated, you can give VPI a try:

May I know do you want to apply the filter cross-frame or inter-frame.
We don’t implement a cross-frame filter except for our DL inference engine(TensorRT).
But you can develop your own via the VPI host function listed below:


Thank you AastaLLL, I want to calculate cross frame (5-10) statistics on each pixel, mean, standard deviation etc. I just wanted to figure out which approach would provide the best performance especially when calculating min,max,mean and standard deviation cross-frames.