boxFilter error: entry point not found

I’m learning CUDA using some of the sample programs that came with the SDK. I attempted boxFilter project, and after everything compiled, I get this interesting error during runtime:

Is this the case of outdated DLL, and if so, how can I get a more recent version of cutil32D?

Ok I think I know why…the DLL does not support Emu builds. The portion of the code that it was calling the function was here:


    if( CUTFalse == isInteropSupported()) {

        return 1;


#endif // __DEVICE_EMULATION__

Commenting out that code and it runs.

maybe you should add the dlls(Debug,EmuDebug,Release,EmuRelease) categories into the “path” of the environment.

Thank you…I’m still learning on how to effectively use VS with CUDA.