Brandnew Jetson TX2 won't start

Hello, I’ve bought a brand new Jetson TX2 a week ago, today when I wanted to use it, I’ve mounted a SD card with a Linux image (work on a jetson nano) and a hdmi to hdmi câble to a display then I plugged the main power.
The red light show and after pressed the start button green LEDs showed up.
But nothing happened on my display so I’ve tried with several cables and displays, but the board is still quiet.

Do I have missed something?

Hello @Airodtech-Toulouse

You can use your debug USB connection to check the boot up logs.

You tried a Jetson Nano image burned SD card to Jetson TX2 NX. Right? I think, this may cause your image.


Only Jetson Nano, Jetson TX2-NX and Jetson NX can directly boot with separate sdcard images. Other platforms (jetson tx2/tx1/AGX Xavier) don’t support it.

Please clarify whether you are using TX2-NX or jetson TX2. These two are different platforms.