Breaking of busy GPU

Hello there,
We have an issue in our game that NVIDIA GPU with D3D11 renderer is sometimes very busy (100% utilization) for about 30 seconds. Surprisingly TDR is not triggered. I didn’t altered any TDR registry settings (unless Nsight installation or running Aftermath monitor are altering it in anyway) Native VS debugger reveals that CPU is waiting in present. If I initiate a GPU capture in Nsight, it proceeds after the GPU unfreezes. Is it possible somehow interrupt the GPU work to find out what it is working on? We have currently no clue. All I can tell is nearly 100% reproducible, but only once per run. Like if some buffer is not initialized properly, GPU is then working on a very large loop or something and after that, it’s all ok.

Chances are, the issue isn’t coming from your targeted process, but another one.
I would recommend collecting a system-wide trace with Nsight Systems to try and gather additional data.
Even if it is coming from your one process, this ought to get you more information as to what exactly is going on in the GPU.

Thank you! I didn’t even know that Nsight Systems does exist.