Breking down of audio card and it's dependencies for RTX 3050

I am facing a problem in almost all the linux distros i used… i faced the problem in kubuntu and archlinux… now using kali… the problem is when ever i use the latest driver for RTX 3050 by NVIDIA( proprietary ) which is |Version:|535.54.03|
| — | — |
|Release Date:|2023.6.14|
|Operating System:|Linux 64-bit|
|Language:|English (US)|
|File Size:|331.03 MB|
my audio card stop working no matter which ever audio card it is using… (pulseaudio or pipewire) my machine is ASUS vivobook 15 pro.
you can check the specificationshere.

i tried installing third party audio driver and third party tools but nothing seems to work…
It’s like i have to sacrifice my performance for the audio or have to sacrifice my audio for my performance (which is not possible) so how can i fix this issue can any one tell me any older driver model which i can use and which don’t cause this issue on my system.