Bright Cluster Manager simulator

Hello, Is there a Bright cluster manager simulator available to download/use?

To simulate a Bright cluster, you can just spin it up in one or more VMs. E.g. you could use VirtualBox.
It’s pretty straightforward but there’s a KB article that shows all the steps (note that in the most recent version of VirtualBox the screens may look slightly different).
You can also easily spin up a Bright cluster in a public cloud or VMware ESX by following the instructions in the Cluster on Demand (COD) section of this manual.
And lastly, here are some files that let you do a Vagrant driven Bright add-on installation.

Where can i get a copy of the ISO images? The vagrant link references " bright9.2-rocky8u5.isoandbright9.2-rocky8u5.iso.md5` for an iso install."

You’ll need a product key, which you may already have. If you don’t have one, you can purchase it, get an eval key by contact a Sales rep, or getting an Easy8 key from our Customer Portal. Easy8 keys are free and can be used for up to 8 nodes.