bright h264 videos from recording tool


We are having an issue where .h264 recorded videos have poor color quality (look bright or overexposed). We are using Drive We are using Sekonix SF3325-10 cameras.

h264 screenshot:

raw screenshot:

Here is an excerpt of our congifuration json file.

“camera”: {
“separate-thread”: true,
“write-file-pattern”: “video_*”,
“sensors”: [
“protocol”: “camera.gmsl”,
“params”: “camera-type=ar0231-rccb,csi-port=ab,camera-count=3,output-format=raw+h264,async-record=0,fifo-size=12,required-framerate = 30”,
“channel-names”: [

What can we do?

Dear cad297,
Drive 5.0.5b is an old version pdk. Could you check this issue on latest pdk?