Bring-Up Framework for Checking I/O Functions

In the NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Developer Guide (32.3.1) under the “Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up” section there is a section for “Bring-Up Framework for Checking I/O Functions” with a link to the Jetson Download Center:

The link is broken in that it brings up no results in the download center. There are “Bring-Up Guides” for each platform, but they are only documents and lack the “suite of scripts for checking the I/O functions”. Is there a new location/version that contains the “NVIDIA Bring-Up Framework is a suite of scripts for checking the I/O functions of a platform”?

Thanks for the report. I will check.

Please ignore this part first. This section does not exist. We put something wrong in the document.

Is there any guidance for how to easily test GPIO functions after configuring the DTB? I have been manually finding and exporting using the /sys/ filesystem, but seems like some basic tooling would help here.

Also, the document says there is gpiofind command, but this is not found when I try it as the regular user or sudo.