Bring up the 4-lane MIPI camera on the AGX Xavier

i would like to bring up our mipi 4-lane RGB and ToF camera on the AGX Xavier.(total 2)
So i looked into the documents (datasheet, Camera module HW design Guide),
i have a plan to make a camera interposer module, and i have questions.

my questions are as follow :

  1. How do i integrate CSI inputs when configuring 4-lane interposer module? The Block diagram shows only case of using 2-lane.
    Can I just connect the CSI to each sensor module connector in order? I want to know how CSI pins are integrated.
  2. If so, what should we do in software? I don’t know where to notify this change that configured 4-lane.
  3. Should i use the I2C MUX? i checked the datasheet and found that Xavier has five I2C but camera uses only 1 I2C. Can the Interposer module be configured to use general I2C without using MUX?
  4. How do I write on EEPROM? Is it correct to modify kernel->i2c->muxes?

it would be appreciated if you could reply.

  1. For the 4 lanes connection that able connect to CSI-A/B CSI-C/D CSI-E/F CSI-G/H
  2. Have check the sensor programing guide. Also there are some source code for reference.
  3. Not necessary if the device slave address doesn’t conflict.
  4. Not necessary for EEPROM design.

Thank you for your confirmation.
If the MUX is not used, how should I configure pins for the CTRL connected to the Sensor Module Connector?


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