Bringing a SX6012 back to life

Hello gents

Pardon this sheep, this is my first experience with any InfiniBand technologies at all.

I’ve gotten my hands on a SX6012 through some distant work connections that nobody seems to know what to do with it so I figured let’s get cracking.

Upon power up, it throws the message “System is initializing! This may take a few minutes” , “Modules are being configured”, then it throws “Internal error, code 1006 (see logs for details) A fatal internal error occurred”. Then it kicked me out.

I looked in user manual, there’s no mention of code 1006, searched this forum, nada. Almighty Google didn’t have much either. How can I get that logs for further detail? And what does this code 1006 mean?

Your assistance is much appreciated.

Thank you.

I have the same issue. It would be nice if mellanox would be kind enough to answer