Broad-R Reach PX2

Hi All,

From the hardware quick start guide of the PX2 and from the cables supplied I see that there is a port which enables Broad-R Reach (Automotive Ethernet).

What are the possibilities of this port? Can it be used to send/receive messages equal to CAN, FlexRay and LIN or is it only to be used to connect a camera/ for debugging purposes?

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Dear info.logena,
Please check for your topic.

Thank you for your quick reply.

I’ve had a look at the link you’ve send me, I’m wondering if it could also be used with an ECU supplied with an Automotive Ethernet port, this since the RAD-MOON has full duplex support?

Dear info.logena,
May I know if you have autochauffer or autocruise?


We have autochauffeur.

Can you specify the usage of the BroadR-Reach port already?

How I think of it, as the manual suggests while using RAD-MOON, is that processed data from NVIDIA PX2 can be send over BroadR-Reach and can be analysed using the RAD tool.

If this is the case, than I can also use these messages as an input for an ECU supporting BroadR-Reach.

Could you verify if this is correct?