Broken 5V pins on Orin Nano Developer Board

I have a Jetson Orin Nano on the developer kit carrier board. Everything worked fine for a while, but now the 5V pins have stopped functioning correctly. Checking the voltage, both 5V pins to ground read ~5V as expected but when any load is applied this drops to 1~2V and it cannot power anything. Both 3.3V pins are fine, reads ~3.3V with and without load.

Maybe of note also is that when auto on is disabled by shorting J14 5 & 6; when power supply is on but device is off (sleep mode), the 5V pins (unloaded) give ~5V and there is no power to the 3.3V pins until the device is turned on. Though this may be by design I’m not entirely sure.

Regardless something somewhere has probably blown but I don’t know what or how to fix it. The device boots and runs completely fine otherwise so the problem is localised to the J40. While I haven’t done extensive tests on the other pins they seem to be okay so it might be localised only to the 5V supply circuitry.

Any help would be appreciated. Very much hoping this is something I can rectify without having to purchase another board / wait for repairs

Update: The fan 5V works fine, reads 5V with and without a fan connected and running

Hi, the 5V (VDD_5V_GPIO) of J40 is from VDD_5V_SYS thru mosfet circuit in red circle. It looks like some components in red circule are broken. It won’t affect system normally work per your descripiton, so you can just leave it alone.

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Is there any way to fix this or do I need to get a new carrier board?
My work requires the 5V supply.

If you have good enough hardware knowledge, you can try to fix that with new components, or remove all components in red circle and short the D and S of Q23.

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Okay thank you. Am I right in thinking that the consequence of shorting D & S rather than replacing the components is that it removes reverse voltage protection for the 5V pins?

Yes, that’s a risky but simple way.

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