Broken Cable looking to replace

One of my technicians decided to take apart the Xavier AGX and leave the screws out of it. Then, one of my other technicians picked the Xavier up by the fan and the cable connection the fan portion of the AGX and the board portion broke (see picture). We are looking to see if there are any replacements we can buy to replace this piece while trying to avoid purchasing an entirely new unit.

We can probably replace the end piece to the cable or even better replace the whole cable but I think the other end to the cable is soldered on.

You can get the part number and pin name/number of fan connector on board in P2822 schematic in DLC. Try to find out the usage of each line of broken cable and connect them to a mated header.

Thanks for the reply, based on the document we now understand the order is:

  1. Power
  2. Ground
  4. FAN_PWM

Based on the image above, how would I go about figuring out which pin (far left or right) is Power and which is FAN_PWM?

  1. GND
  2. 5V
  3. Fan_tach
  4. pwm

The far right is pin 1 (GND).

Btw, the ground would likely be something you can check with a simple meter. Those copper traces around the mounting screws should be electrically connected to ground.

Similar thing happened to me. I’m having trouble sourcing the pins and connector to fix this on any reliable site. Any guidance on where I can buy the pins and connector? Can I send the unit back to NVIDA for repair? It doesn’t appear that I can purchase directly through ACES Group.

Connector: ACES 5080-4H0-001
Pins: ACES 88232-T

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