Broken documentation website

Hi, I think your documentation is broken. I was browsing Flashing Support — Jetson Linux<br/>Developer Guide 34.1 documentation and noticed that some phrases did not make sense and sounded incomplete. Upon inspecting the page source I noticed that it is indeed different from the shown one. I suppose there are problems with your markup language compiler not compiling correctly the page.

Here is a file comparing a snippet of source code to the output and it can be seen that the arguments of the command are missing.
jetson_doc.pdf (69.3 KB)

The R34.1 is a bit old, could you use the latest JP6.0 GA SW with Welcome — NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide 1 documentation?

Well, I’m an idiot…
I did not look at the url just to see it was for 34.1.
My bad, thanks <3