Broken Jetson NX Power Estimation Tool


The power estimation tool ( is not working for me anymore since a few months. It did work before. When I press “estimate power” nothing happens. If I open the debug console I see that the estimation API returns “Server Error (500)”.

Will this be fixed soon? (Or in case I need to change something on my PC, what do I need to change?)



Hi huub.hendrikx,

Generally “Server Error (500)” occurs when the DNS unable to resolve the target URL. This seems more specific to the problem at your end. As you were able to get it working earlier, may be it could be related to your network settings or company internal firewall.

Hi Kayccc,

I’m quite sure it’s not a problem with my DNS. I can load the tool itself which is on the same domain. 500 usually means an internal server error, which would mean it’s internal to your server. Does the tool work for you?



Same for me.

It is still working for me. @linuxdev , are you able to access the power estimator link above?

Just for information, I can access the link. Just the calculatoin doesn’t work. It will not show any power estimate.

Can you share a screenshot of what you see?

When i press the green button below nothing happens, while a power value used to appear in the red box.

Yes, it works for me. I do have to sign in separately, but that shouldn’t be an issue unless there is some other log in method, e.g., wget.

Hi huub.hendrikx,

Could we know which browser you are using? Did you try using other browsers to narrow down this? We do support different browser compatibility and ideally it should have worked but there could always be some corner cases.

I tried both Chrome and Firefox. Also checked if incognito with a fresh login made a difference, but it didn’t.

I found the problem. I have two accounts with which I can login into NVidia. One works the other doesn’t. Would be good to show some sort of error that makes it easy to spot that.

What is the difference between these two accounts? Could you send us your problematic accounts id through private message?


The issue of calculation does not respond should be fixed now. Please check again.

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