Broken link to download archived Jetpack (3.1, e.g.)?

I’m having a problem with JetPack 3.2 regarding numpy and python3.5 (reported on another post). So I decided to try using the previous JetPack.

I click the link to the archived jetpacks. I click the link:

Which helpfully takes me to a page that says JetPack 3.1, and it has a download button. Perfect!

Then I click the download button, and I’m sent to this link:

Which looks like it should be correct (see the ?dn=jetpack-l45-3_1), but it’s not. In fact, the jetpack link on this page is to the latest 3.2. Which helpfully provides you a link to the archived jetpacks, and thus closes the infinite loop.

I think I’m cursed today. Am I just completely missing an obvious step or link somewhere?

It looks like the link is broken. Even if you go to an R28.1 or JetPack3.1 URL first what you’ll get is JetPack3.2 instead of the listed 3.1 (3.1 is now inaccessible):

So are there any plans to fix the broken links? All previous versions of jetpack are now inaccessible on purpose?

Is there any way via this forum to notify the web admin that the links are broken?

Several of the links are broken…they probably need to be fixed. I found one way in. Go here first:
(you might need to log in and hit the link a second time)

Expand the JetPack 3.1 entry. On the right under “Downloads” notice the “Ubuntu (64-bit)” link. Click on that and it should get the right one.

Hi svohara,

Issue should be fixed, thanks for reporting this problem.

Hi linuxdev,

Thanks for providing the workaround.