Broken Xavier NX due to 19v


Hey all,

I was using a nvidia dev kit with Xavier NX and it appears that the devkit was outputting 19v on the 5v pin. I now have 2 broken Xavier NX boards. I measured with a heatgun and it seems the pmic on the back is shorted. Ive had a chat with support and they said before I can RMA it or get them repaired I have to post it here.
Anything that you can help me with?


Hi, what do you mean “devkit was outputting 19v on the 5v pin”? The DC input is 19V to devkit, it will be converted to 5V for module. How do you get to know “the pmic on the back is shorted” by a heatgun?

The devkit was outputting 19V directly to the Jetson instead of converting it to 5v.
When powering the Jetsons with 5V outside of the devkit the pmic module on the back got extremely hot. Thats why I assume its broken.

Do you mean the Xavier NX devkit? If so, the 19V to devkit will be converted to 5V to module as there is a DC/DC converter on carrier board as you can see in P3509 schematic in DLC.

Yes the Xavier NX devkit. I would think the 5V DC/DC converter is broken as I measured 19V on the DDR4 connector going to the Jetson.

If so, you can run RMA for the devkit.

Is it also possible for the Xavier NX that is now broken? I dont really care about the devboard. But I would rather have my 2 Xaviers fixed

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