Broker as [source]

I need the input image not only in my deepstream pipeline, but also in another application running in parallel.

At the moment there are only the following options for a source.

1: Camera (V4L2)
2: URI
3: MultiURI
5: Camera (CSI) (Jetson only)

How can I make the image frame available for other applications?

I am happy about any hints.


Do you mean that you want to send the frames with detections in it to another application?
I’ve been trying to do something similar and have managed to just drop frames when’re there is no detections. It’s seems to work fine when using the display or a file as a sink however I haven’t managed to get any other type of sink to work yet. ;-)

For me this is key for any IoT usage of deepstream and it doesn’t seem to be a use-case nvidia have thought about. Who wants an IoT camera that constantly streams - for me I only want streaming when there is something interesting to look at.

That’s not what I mean.
I want to use a broker subscription as SOURCE for the deepstream pipeline, because I have an image stream, that will not only be used by the deepstream pipeline, but also by other applications.

camera -- broker -- deepstream pipeline (broker-source -- streammux -- pgie -- sink)
                 -- application1
                 -- application2
                 -- ...


We do not have this support, you need to customize it yourself.

You can refer to gstreamer appsrc example