Brownstone scene must be 30 frm/ sec?

I am playing with browstone demo city. Its great and detailed!

But if I change the frame rate of the scene to 30 frm, then the light is totally different, flat and kinda dead:

I default 24 frm it looks so nice:

What is this thing?
Also when I do the change, it takes a long time like 2 min and it gives me an error message:

Hello @pekka.varis! I reached out to the dev team to see if they can help figure out why this is happening.

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Cool, thanks!

Hi @pekka.varis - I am seeing some similar behavior in other files, but want to make sure we are apples-to-apples before I submit any issues.

Just to make sure that we are testing the same file, can you give me the file name that you are using for this test?

hELLO @abrasic!
It is this one:

I have downloaded the scene to local hard drive.
There is also this ( solved ) error that I have made a topic about:


Hi @pekka.varis - here is what I’m seeing:

TL;DR: Environment in initial scene was manually adjusted; changing the FPS refactored the scene and caused the ‘Time of Day’ to be respected instead. Change ‘Time of Day’ to what you would like for your lighting scenario and all will work.

1.) Open file above, everything looks as it should:

2.) Change FPS to 30 in Animation Timeline, it goes ‘flat’ as per your observation:

Note however the Time of Day under the Properties tab for Environment- it is at 9pm. Looking back at the original settings it listed as 9pm as well, which is incorrect for the amount of light being generated.

I suspect that the placement of this Environment was done either before we changed from Skies to Environments and/or someone manually keyframed the environment without regard to the Time of Day settings.

3.) Change time of day from PM to AM:

This then gives us an appropriate level of lighting for the scene again. Further, if you hit play, you will maintain that correct lighting at 30fps.

Let me know if you observe the same on your end- thanks!

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