Browstone opens with lot of missing materials

I used the “collect assets” function to download the brownstone demo, but when I open it from my local hard drive, its missing materials:

MIssing ( red ) materials look like:

How to fix fhis? I have nucleus open at my browser…


Same thing happens if I open the ( read only ) scene straight from

I used nucleus search and found the missing material:

They have re-organized the folders…
Fascade folder is now missing!

But updating all them manually is big work :/

Thank god I can select multiple items and assign them the new material at one click :)

Hi @pekka.varis , thanks for flagging this! It looks like the material path was removed. We will work on adding it back in.

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Yep, you can use the “select bound objects” option by right clicking on the material in the stage but you knew that. :)

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Thank you, you have fixed this!
It opens now correct again. Also select bound objects was nice tip!


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