BSOD or black screen after applying warp on Mosaic on Windows 10.

We use NV API to embedd warp from our software for projector alignment.

When using a separate monitor card system crash or misoperate everytime the warp is applied in Windows 10.

In most of our setups we use 1 -3 main rendering cards (M/P 4000/5000/6000) and a separate monitor card (k420/620).
Here are the configurations where we have reproduced this behaviur:

K420 + M4000
2xM4000 + Sync + k420
2xP4000 + Sync II + p600
2xM5000 + sync + k620

The drivers that we have tested are several versions:
Some from the last releases R384 U1 (385.08),
R375 U9 (377.55)
And also some of the olds like
R367 U5 (369.49)

As soon as monitor is disconnected and the monitor card is notused - the problem does NOT occur.

Does anyone has any possible workarounds or any beta drivers and hack to be used here?