BSQ image problem

Hello. I have a new problem. I am working with BSQ images. The image has the next values:

Dim: 400x350x50[BSQ]
Size: [Integer] 14,000,000 Bytes (is “short int” really, because if it was “int” its size will be 28,000,000).

I have to charge this image, and I don´t know how I can do this. I have tryied to use the function:


where “image_path” is the path when the image is, “h_data” is a int* pointer to have the values in it and “length” is the number of data elements in h_data.

But when I do this, and execute the application it show me this message:

1 - CutReadFile(): Initialized memory given but size mismatch with signal read
(data read / data init = 0 / xxxxxx)
Cut error in file “” in line…

where xxxxxx is the data init and 0 the data read.

I think that the problem could be that the size is very big. I though read each layer of the image one per one a insert each into one array, but I don´t find a function that let me do this.

I need help please… :(

Thanks for all