BT Headset Pairing with TX1

Has anyone been able to successfully pair a headset with the TX-1? Our goal is to use it for microphone voice-overs with our TX-1 based cameras. We have tried multiple headsets that work on OSX and Windows computers but will not stay connected with Ubuntu on the TX-1 or an Ubuntu laptop. I don’t know if this is an Ubuntu or TX-1 issue.

Hi sperok,

You may need to enable bluetooth from terminal, please try below:
$ sudo rfkill unblock bluetooth

Afterward, please check settings to see if it is enabled, then you could pair any BT headset.

Supposed this should work well, hope this could help on your case.


I just tried this on a freshly installed TX-1 with Jetpack 2.3. The audio out worked but the microphone input did not.

Tried with Plantronics Headset, Amazon portable speaker and Monster portable speaker. Same result in all 3 cases (and yes, all 3 had built-in mics).

Any thoughts on how to enable audio in?

Nothing of interest popped up in syslog.

Hi Sperok,

Have you tried to install blueman (bluetooth manager)? Select the Audio Sink option after device pairing.

Hi, I have recently encountered this problem too, I don’t get any audio input with my bluetooth headsets, did you solve this problem?

best regard.

Struggled with blueman for a while then gave up and switched to a USB microphone that worked out of the box.

That is not good, but still thank you .

nice meet you.
my name is Jin Song, Roh.
i have a same problem.
but, I succeeded.
Tx2 development board.

If you have the same problem, install the package with the following command.

Command: sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-module-bluetooth

have a Good luck.

did you successfully record audio by bluetooth headset in TX2?