bug about -ta=time flag of PGI 15.1


I have both PGI 14.10 and 15.1 on my Windows machine. When I compile an OpenACC C++ code on PGI 14.10 with the “pgcpp -ta=tesla,time …” option, the program shows the timing information and terminates. However, when I run the same code with exactly the same build command, it doesn’t print the timing information and the cursor hangs on the command window. I have to shut down the command window and restart again. It doesn’t recognize even Ctrl+C for termination. I have to note that when I used “-ta=tesla” instead of “-ta=tesla,time” (i.e. removing time), I don’t have this weird problem. Is it a bug or is there change in showing the timing information in release 15.1 ?

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Hi hyuzuguzel,

Thanks for the report. I was able to reproduce the problem here and has sent the issue (TPR#21400) on to engineering for further review.

  • Mat