BUG : compiling dtb's with L4T 28.2 does not include dt-bindings files from kernel tree, but old cop...


I have developed a driver for a chip not supported in linux-4.4 and try to add a file in the include/dt-bindings directory of the kernel-4.4 source tree.

I have noticed that my dts file that resides in the companion hardware/nvidia tree cannot find my new dt-bindings file, and that existent dt-bindings file from kernel-4.4 were merely copied by nvidia into hardware/nvidia/soc/tegra/kernel-include instead of fixing the makefile to use the real dt-bindings files from the kernel sources. Using an old copy of kernel sources that can be updated, without an automatic update when the original version changes is error-prone, time-consuming and could even be dangerous.

Can you provide a fix to that problem ?


Thanks for this suggestion. I will check with our kernel team to help improve it.