[BUG] Deferred rendering totally broken in v515.48.07


Second Life viewers (all of them) deferred rendering mode got totally broken with v515.48.07 (working fine in v515.43.04 and all former releases).

The objects flicker and disappear at random depending on the zoom level and/or camera angle.

I made a short video with one of the viewers I tried (not the official SL viewer since it is not available under Linux, but even the official Windows viewer ran via Wine under Linux is affected in the exact same way):
SecondLifeDeferredRenderingBugNVIDIA-515.48.07.mkv (92.9 MB)

As you can see in the video, everything renders fine with deferred rendering off, but as soon as I turn it on (and whatever additional deferred-rendering-specific shaders are applied, such as SSAO or shadows), everything gets messed up (big time !)

Here is the bug report dump file too:
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (312.5 KB)

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Could we have an answer, or at least an acknowledgement of an NVIDIA’s official, please ?..

I’m curious about this too. It is a major regression and there have been no comments about it, especially since it’s a breaking change between the beta and release versions of 515.

Thanks for reporting issue, I have filed a bug 3676172 internally for tracking purpose.
Shall try to reproduce issue locally which will help in debugging.

Thanks. Note that if you try to reproduce with a different viewer than the one I used for the video (Cool VL Viewer), they may refer to deferred rendering as “Advanced Lighting Model” or “ALM” in the Graphics settings of their Preferences “floater” (dialog).

As a followup, it is worth noticing that the NVIDIA 515.49.05 beta Vulkan driver does not suffer from this bug, so either it got fixed in it, or not yet backported to it…

515.57 was released today. It seems to address/fix the deferred rendering issue. I am using it now with no artifacts seen in Cool VL Viewer while using ALM.

Yep, 515.57 got it fixed for all SL viewers, even though, strangely, the fix is not listed in the release notes…

Thanks for sharing test results, we will close bug internally from our end.

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