Bug? Direct memory leak (200Mb approx.) in Omniverse Isaac Sim between SimulationApp._start_app() and SimulationApp.close()

I am doing a Deep reinforcement learning where i need to start and stop IsaacSim for 1000s of time and detected a memory leak of ~200Mb immediately between starting the IsaacSim App in SimulationApp._start_app() source code and calling SimulationApp.close() immediately after the app loads.

This fills in my 64 Gb RAM memory in an hour so I have to restart my laptop in order to resume training.

I managed to replicate it multiple times by using breakpoint immediately after SimulationApp._start_app() and forcing SimulationApp.close() .

Can this be solved by nVidia?

Any replies from the nvidia team please?

This is an issue. We have the same problem on all our workstations