Bug for Deepstreamtest5 's show text when only oneway source,How to fix it?

I notice a bug for deepstreamtest-5 app in deepstream5.0 .When only one source bin ,the deepstream-app will show object’s text automaticly, but it cannot show text in test5 app. I follow program and get this code in deepstream-app.c in follow:

process_meta (AppCtx * appCtx, NvDsBatchMeta * batch_meta)
  // For single source always display text either with demuxer or with tiler
  if (!appCtx->config.tiled_display_config.enable ||
      appCtx->config.num_source_sub_bins == 1) {
    appCtx->show_bbox_text = 1;

it seems ok when running.but no result on the screen .How can I fix it?

it appear in dGPU and jetson nx .

You can refer to this topic, same issue there and solved.