Bug, graph composer: file path with double slash before filname after selection with button dialog

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

• Hardware Platform (GPU)
• DeepStream Version 6.2
• graph composer 2.5
• Issue Type( bugs)
• How to reproduce the issue ? (Selection a config file in i.e. tracker object with graph composer browse “dir and file” button sets in the last level of the full file path a double slash in front of the file name. That leads to a startup failure in container start in jetson. )

Are you running with the remote running mode?

No, I do generate the config and parameter files in graph composer, then building it via commandline.


I can reproduce the problem. We will check this issue. Thank you!

As a workaround, you can input the full path of the file in the textbox instead of choosing from the selection window.