Bug: GTX 560 extremely slow with driver 384.81: stays in deep idle

I know it’s rather old, but is the GLX 560 still supposed to work with the nvidia-38x drivers? When Ubuntu (14.04) upgraded me from 375 to 384, the performance dropped to basically nothing, both as a video card and CUDA. I see the same thing with KDE neon (based on Ubuntu 16.04, I believe) and it doesn’t matter if I use the drivers from Ubuntu or download from nvidea. Returning to 375 downloaded from nvidia restores performance.

Here are links to the requested files:



The 560 is still supported:
The 38x drivers have a known bug regarding memory management but this shouldn’t have that much of an impact. The nvidia log was created while the 560 was idle, can you either run X on it or run a cuda load and recreate the log?

Thanks, generix. I didn’t realize the card had to be in use. I’ve put a run in the same place while blender was running on the 560:


Let me know if you need a run with X going; it’s a bit more involved as I’ll have to swap cards.

This is not a small impact. On 375, the 560 took about 9:20 on this particular benchmark. It’s now estimating a run of over two hours.

This should be sufficient, I can see that there’s load on the 560 and yet stays on deep idle (P12). Otherwise detected and working. Maybe change the thread title to reflect that so a Nvidia dev gets attracted.

Thanks again, generix! I’ve changed the title, let me know if you think something else would be better.

Not having much luck in attracting a Nvidia dev. Is there a bug reporting system somewhere?

Did you check with newer drivers from the graphics ppa? Latest is 387.34.

Yup, same result.

Okay, so I’ve posted here and sent email to linux-bugs@nvidia.com. Any other ways I might be able to get some support?