bug in cuda-gdb? cuda-gdb, opensuse 11.1

when debugging my code using cuda-gdb, sometimes after calling “next” the debugger freezes and sometimes I get a segmentation fault with the error message: " Assertion failure at /home/buildmeister/build/sw/rel/gpu_drv/r185/r185_66/drivers/gpgpu/cuda/src/debugger/cudbgtarget.c, line 1850: cuda-gdb internal error".

Any idea how to fix that problem?


Opensuse 11.1 x86_64
CUDA v2.2, gcc v4.3.2

It should never segfault, so that sounds like a bug. Can you attach a test case (with instructions) that reproduces this behavior in RHEL5?

Hi netlama, the code I am working on is partially commercial so I could only send NVIDIA part of it if you have some kind of NDA for such cases. Otherwise I will try to write a “dummy”-code which can also reproduce that “bug”.