bug in cusparse documentation

According to CUDA CUSPARSE Library PG-05329-032_V01 August, 2010
level 2 functions cusparse{S,D,C,Z}csrmv are declared (on p. 33-34) as

cusparseHandle_t handle, cusparseOperation_t transA,
int m, int n, float alpha,
const cusparseMatDescr_t *descrA,
const float *csrValA,
const int *csrRowPtrA, const int *csrColIndA,
const float *x, float beta,
float *y )

Well, my compiler, following cusparse.h (CUDA 3.2), says that descrA must be passed by value, not pointer.

BTW, what is the best place to submit such reports?

Thank you for alerting us to this issue. I confirmed with the CUSPARSE team that this is a documentation bug, and that the header file is correct.

If you are a registered developer, you can file documentation bugs just like any bug, and I would encourage CUDA programmers to become registered developers. The alternative is posting in the forums.