Bug in GLSL linker

I’m trying to link the following shaders:


Sorry, this is Julia code and I can’t create a C example right now.

I guess it should be possible for the driver team to compile them in the way they are ;)

For sanity, I copy and pasted my compilation and linker code from my higher level library.

The error is:

“struct geom_in not declared as output”

I confirmed that the exact same code is working with AMD and intel hardware!

GTX 950
Driver: 382.53
Windows 10 64 bit (Also tested on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS)


Okay, found the problem!
I don’t actually call the main program, so I don’t write to geom_out and don’t emit any vertices.
Would it be possible to generate a better error message? “struct geom_in not declared as output” is very confusing, especially when it compiles on other hardware.

Also, I think this should actually be moved to OpenGL programming ;)