Bug in NPP - C compatibility Issue

I think there is a bug in npp 4.0

I am trying to compile a simple program on macos snow leopard 64bit.

From a C program.

I get

The problem is that const Struct & is not a valid C directive, is valid only in C++.

Is this a bug or I am missing something ?


I’m missing something too then, because I got this same error in ubuntu. To get my program to compile I modified the header files and changed the offending &s to *s. Having done that, there were new errors regarding multiple redefinition of inline methods, which I got rid of by prefixing them with ‘static’. This may of course be a terrible way to circumvent these errors, so try at your own risk. I have no idea if it may cause bugs somewhere down the line but at least for now, my program seems to do exactly what it should (which is to erode images)!