Bug in power management


I have noticed over the last couple of days that after profiling using nvprof for a large time continously the board starts operating at a power of around 7 Watts even if nothing is running on it i.e. idle power draw is 7 Watts. I am not sure if something is triggered after long profiling that causes this. I would appreciate if someone from NVIDIA can shed some light on this issue. Thanks


Hi trinayan,

Could you share your running sample?

I have applications from rodinia benchmark suite. I have a script which changes the gpu frequency one by one and uses nvprof at each frequency to record performance counters. After the experiments are complete and nothing is running the board shows a power draw of around 6 watts. I guess the gpu clock gating gets broken somehow.

Hi trinayan,

Sorry for the late reply. Could you share the source of you application so that we can measure it from our side?