Bug in the new Hardware Debugger cuda-gdb

I think I found a bug in the new Cuda Hardware Debugger cuda-gdb. I was examining an unsigned char array on the device that resides in global memory space. When I used ‘print arrayname’, all entries of the array where listed correctly. Then I used ‘set arrayname = y’ for some fields and afterwards printed the complete array again. All changes where done properly. But when I used ‘print arrayname’ the wrong entries were printed. Every fourth entrie is correct, the rest seems to be shifted. Perhaps the bytes are read in the wrong direction or something like this.

The system I encountered this problem:
SuSe 11.1 64Bit
Cuda 2.2
Debugger 2.2
SDK 2.2.1
gcc 4.3.2
2 * Dual Core AMD Opteron™ Processor 270 (2GHz)
GeForce GTX 280


Seems like nobody at NVidia is interested in this bug.

Thanks for the report, I’ve filed a bug on this and will let you know of any progress.

This bug has now been fixed, and should make it into the CUDA 2.3 final release.

Don’t say we never do anything for you :)

Thank you. I didn’t want to state that you are doing nothing. This was the first time I posted a bug so I can’t say anything about the costumer support, I just wondered that there was no response for a week.