Bug inside articulation controller

There seems to be a bug inside articulation controller in the latest hotfix branch 2023.1.0-hotfix.1 where the articulation controller is only able to move a vehicle if Line 101-103 inside OgnIsaacArticulationController.py are commented out since the condition on line 101 is failing with one of the values being None hence causing the joint names to be reset and velocity commands not applying.

Easily confirmed by changing code to this

            joint_names = db.inputs.jointNames
            # if np.array([joint_names != state.joint_names]).flatten().any():
            #     state.joint_names = joint_names
            #     state.joint_picked = False

If you commented out those lines, then you are actually not using joint_names at all, you are either using joint indices if you had that as an input, or you are actually defaulting to the full DOF. What are your inputs to the joint_name and the velocity_command?