Bug: jetson-io.py errors not being shown

When jetson-io.py encounters an error it displays the message on the curses screen which is immediately destroyed. This causes the tool to seem like it isn’t actually doing anything. In the event of an error the tool should either wait for user input before closing the curses window or write the errors to the console.

As a workaround you can run the tool through the debug serial console. The curses window will then be written to the screen and the error can still be read after the tool exits.

I should also mention that I am running the tool over SSH using Jetpack 4.4 (l4t r32.4.3)

We are not sure what the issue is. Please share the steps so that we can reproduce the error.

The easiest way to induce an error is to hide all the dtbos from /boot

cd /boot
sudo mkdir dtbos
sudo mv *.dtbo dtbos/
sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/jetson-io.py

You should notice a brief flash as the jetson-io curses window opens and then immediately closes. The problem is that it is not keeping the window open for the user to read the error message.

This seems fine because jetson-io.py is the tool used in development stage. Should be good if you have a working method to use it.

When I was first using the tool it wasn’t clear what was going on or what was causing it to not work. In my scenario I uploaded a custom DTB with a different name to /boot/dtb, this caused the tool to throw an error because it expects only one DTB in that folder. I wasn’t shown the error message and had to spend time reversing changes until the tool worked again. It might save some forum posts in the future if that was changed, but I’ll close this for now.

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Thanks, alot had the exactly same issue over here. (multiple dtbs in the folder)
This kind of bug should be fixed.