BUG: more c++ support problems

forgive me if I’m wrong, but I think the two code snippets should be the same, and definitely don’t yield the same results [at least for me]. Sorry the rest of the code is not public at the moment.


VideoBuffer &vb = in_glbl->frame_vb[0][line_is_gamma];

lambda_x_in = &(vb.data[__umul24(blockIdx.x / 2, vb.x)]);

vb = in_glbl->frame_vb[1][line_is_gamma];

gamma_x_in = &(vb.data[__umul24(blockIdx.x / 2, vb.x)]);


lambda_x_in = &(in_glbl->frame_vb[0][line_is_gamma].data[

	__umul24(blockIdx.x / 2, in_glbl->frame_vb[0][line_is_gamma].x)]);

gamma_x_in = &(in_glbl->frame_vb[1][line_is_gamma].data[

	__umul24(blockIdx.x / 2, in_glbl->frame_vb[1][line_is_gamma].x)]);

You are well into “unsupported C++ features” land, so I don’t really know if we can give you any sort of assurance that this will be fixed in the near future.