[BUG] nvidia-container-runtime-csv-mode cannot create sym link of dir

Required Info:

  • Software Version
    DRIVE OS 6.0.6
  • Target OS
  • SDK Manager Version
  • Host Machine Version
    native Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Host installed with DRIVE OS DOCKER Containers

Describe the bug

in target-docker-container in drive-orinkit, nvidia-container-runtime-csv-mode cannot create sym link of dir.

To Reproduce

in drive-orin-kit, start container using the following scripts and csv files.

with -e NVIDIA_REQUIRE_JETPACK="csv-mounts=all" to allow all csv files take effect. see Add `nvidia-container-runtime.modes.csv.allowed-files` config option (#11) · Issues · nvidia / container-toolkit / container-toolkit · GitLab

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~/zhensheng/orin_ws/nv_driveworks_demo/target/docker/scripts$ ls
gw_base.sh  my.bashrc  orin_adduser.sh  orin_postbuild.sh  sdk_adduser.sh  sdk_postbuild.sh  target_adduser.sh  target_postbuild.sh

the driveworks folder is mapped to the container. using csv files.

sym, /usr/local/driveworks
dir, /usr/local/driveworks-5.10
# in host
nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~/zhensheng/orin_ws/nv_driveworks_demo/target/docker/scripts$ ll -d /usr/local/driveworks*
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root   26 Jan 29 07:52 /usr/local/driveworks -> /usr/local/driveworks-5.10/
drwxr-xr-x. 7 root root 4096 Jan 29 07:49 /usr/local/driveworks-5.10/
# in container
nvidia@in_orin_docker:/usr/local$ ll -d /usr/local/driveworks*
drwxr-xr-x. 7 root root 4096 Jan 29 07:49 /usr/local/driveworks-5.10/

Expected behavior

we can see the sym link of driveworks folder in container.

/usr/local/driveworks -> /usr/local/driveworks-5.10/

Actual behavior

cannot see this.

Additional context

It’s actually an issue of nvidia-container-runtime.

Dear @lizhensheng,
Yes. You are right. How about create symlink for needed libs on target or mounting the host folder which has aarch64 libs and update paths accordingly to pick up those libs instead of libs on target. Does that work as work around?

Yes, there is a lot of ways that work as workaround
if you don’t treat it as a bug.


Thanks @SivaRamaKrishnaNV ,

Then there is a hard problem, could you help with this topic ? [BUG] target-docker-container running cuda-samples require unintended extra permission - DRIVE AGX Orin / DRIVE AGX Orin General - NVIDIA Developer Forums

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