[BUG] NVIDIA v495.29.05 driver spamming dbus-enabled applications with invalid messages

Sounds odd, there’s definitely no more spam looking at dbus-monitor --system as root with 510.39.01 for me.

Have you tried removing any possible remaining workarounds and booting cleanly (service, old dbus .conf, etc…). Perhaps it’s confusing the drivers into thinking powerd is running, and so it starts using it.

That was a good call, it seems that the workaround files being present was enough to trigger the spam. Once I completely vanished the files (uninstalled the AUR package and not just disabled the service) and rebootet, the spam is gone.

The 510.39.01 BETA seems to be working well for me and I can confirm that the powerd dbus messages no longer spam.

Manual removal of workaround (the service disable and status commands probably aren’t required, better to be thorough):

systemctl stop nvidia-fake-powerd.service 
systemctl disable nvidia-fake-powerd.service 
rm -vf /etc/dbus-1/system.d/nvidia-fake-powerd.conf
rm -vf /etc/systemd/system/nvidia-fake-powerd.service
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl status nvidia-fake-powerd.service

Hello, thanks for your solution.
I tried this on my Ubuntu 20.04 and maybe it works.
However, actually I face the issue like Error `Failed to establish dbus connection` when running `sim = gym.create_sim(...)`
When I tried your solution, it does not help and the error mentioned in this post still occurs, even a simple pyqt program may fail.
Would you please come and see how to fix the issue in this post?

Please read the entire thread, there are many suggestions including validation that the service is running and monitoring the system message bus for errors. It’s entirely possible that the software you’re trying to use calls a different bus name. If this is the case, it shouldn’t be difficult to adjust the workaround to accommodate.

sudo systemctl status nvidia-fake-powerd.service
sudo dbus-monitor --system

This “workaround” is only useful for specific driver versions within the 495 series in cases where applications use OpenGL/EGL. A much better solution might be to downgrade to 470 or upgrade to the 510 beta.