[BUG] Official Documentation inconsistency/conflicts of NvSciC2cPcie

About mini-sas-hd connection, there still exists two options, one is back-to-back, the other is cross-link

  • this is back-to-back (WRONG)


  • and this is cross-link (RIGHT)

About (Orin1) miniSAS port -A <–> (Orin2) miniSaS port -B I learned from this topic Identifying which port is "A" or "B" on dual-port Mini-SAS PCIe connector - #6 by JimWang

Upper port as A and lower as B.

In order to get C2C communication and avoid pcie link issues happened in PCIe Hot-Plug not working - DRIVE AGX Orin / DRIVE AGX Orin General - NVIDIA Developer Forums

The cross-link is the correct one.

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