bug on bright yellow in 340

I recently bought a second hand hp elitebook 8740w to edit photos on because of it’s dreamcolor-screen.
After installing Manjaro and calibrating the screen I was ready to go. I thought. Until I noticed in some of my photos, using Darktable, that bright yellows, especially when out of focus look almost solarized.

Parts of the yellow objects will turn bright green, sometimes black, and look very pixelated. When I transfer the photo to an other pc it looks fine.

The card in the laptop is the G92GLM (Quadro FX 2800M), driver version is 3.3.0 NVIDIA 340.107.

Is there any way I can post photos to illustrate the problem? Any more info I can provide?

The screenshots are done with my phone, as a normal screenshot would probably not show the problem.

What do you get with nouveau?

I think I tried it once, and it never got to the x-screen.
Been reinstalling three times already to try to sort out different issues.
Is there any way I can test it without reinstalling?

What happens if you disable your ICC profile?

I just tried a usb-stick with kubuntu 16.04 that I had lying around. Did not make it to x. Downloading fedora now to try running it live from usb.

How do I disable the ICC?
Doesn’t sound like a good idea, as that’s an important part of using it for getting correct colors for photo-editing. I’ve calibrated the screen using DisplayCal and a spyder2 device.

Nouveau driver looks like a no-go.
Here from test with fedora 29 live:

My guess is that you got this color management thing wrong. It has nothing to do with the driver.

You said “After installing Manjaro and calibrating the screen I was ready to go.” What does this mean? The result of calibration is an ICC profile (a file). Once you have that file, you have to make use of it.

All screens have to be calibrated to be used for proper photoediting. They never give correct colors from the factory, so if you don’t calibrate it the prints will not match what you saw on your screen.

To calibrate it I used https://displaycal.net/ and a device called Spyder2. This is common practice. I’ve done it on an other laptop with a GeForce GT 650M and no such problems. Unfortunately the screen on that laptop doesn’t reproduce the range of colors as the hp one, and the colors and brightness will change with the viewingangle, which makes it less than ideal for photographywork.

All other colors look really good and neutral (after calibration), except for really bright yellows.

But, I don’t know… So much headscratching.
Maybe I’ll just have to scratch it even harder.

Thanks for your time, though! Much appriciated!


If you load an image with just red, green, and blue gradients, what does it look like? You can also try loading nvidia-settings and opening the color correction tab for your monitor before loading the ICC profile. It will show you the gamma curve loaded for that monitor for each channel. If it looks like the red channel drops to zero close to the right edge of the graph, that would explain the sudden yellow -> green transition you’re seeing.