Bug? OpenMPI 2.0.0 configure error - stdbool.h not found

Trying to build OpenMPI 2.0.0 with free PGI on OS X. The configure step fails wit the message:

The line just before the warning was: checking for pgcc option to accept ISO C99… unsupported
configure: WARNING: Open MPI requires a C99 compiler
configure: error: Aborting.

Looking deeper it appears that while pgcc accepts the -c99 flag it does not define _Bool. Nor is a stdbool.h found. I can try copying over the system stdbool.h file, but …


I got a bit further.
setenv CC “pgcc -c99”
setenv CXX pgc++
setenv FC pgfortran
setenv FCFLAGS “-Mpreprocess -Mbackslash”

I have a siterc file with the following in it put it in the PGI bin directory,
and check with

pgcc/pgfortran/pgc++ -dryrun x.c/x.f/x.cpp

switch -ffast-math is hide;

switch -pipe is hide;

switch -fexpensive-optimizations is hide;

switch -pthread is
append(LDLIB1= -lpthread);

switch -qversion is
help(Display compiler version)

switch -Wno-deprecated-declarations is hide;

and now some of the gcc switches can be handled with the PGI compilers.

But I am still seeing problems with headers and I have asked
engineering to look at it.