[BUG, regression, instabilities] driver v375.20, v375.26, v378.09

Hi guys,

I’m not sure if you are aware but with all the drivers above 370.28

  • kwin_x11 compositing doesn’t work
  • as soon as the compositing or kwin settings are selected and/or launched they crash
  • the driver is VERY unstable: e.g. with 378.09 I minimized and maximized apps a few times with the magic lamp animation (compiz 0.9.13 build 4103), earlier versions should do it too (0.9.12 build 4060, etc.) and screen turned black [driver crashed ?]; the same with some browsing in chrome and switching tabs -> crash, screen black [it also doesn’t seem to play a role whether compositing is active, some minor load on the gpu seems to cause that effect]

Magic SYSRQ still worked to reboot via XREISUB but it’s not usable in production that way

I hope others can provide logs or other information related to that since I saw that I’m clearly not the only one - but I saw no error messages,

card is a Gainward Phantom GTX 760, kernel used was 4.8* and 4.9* [native support via 378.09, patched up on elder drivers if needed]