Bug report: inconsistent number of times LDG is executed

I have attached the profiler output file.

I added “137 - adjust_hsv_nhwc_ref” as a base line. When I go to “147 - adjust_hsv_nhwc_regInput” and expand “instructions statistics” and hover my cursor over the bargraph to see the numbers indicated in the bar graph, the number of executions for “LDG” is 7680000 for both “137 - adjust_hsv_nhwc_ref” and “147 - adjust_hsv_nhwc_regInput”. However, when I compare the same baseline to “157 - adjust_hsv_nhwc_shared”, the number of times
LDG is executed for the same baseline is reported to be 2560000 for “137 - adjust_hsv_nhwc_ref”. Depending on which kernel I am inspencing, the number of reported executions of LDG changes.
tf_rgb_v4.1.nsight-cuprof-report.zip (957 KB)