Bug Report - Instances batch exported as references/payloads explode from mesh

Using version 200.3.0, when instanced objects are batch exported as references or payloads they are exploded out from the mesh as seen in the attached screenshot:

When exported without batching, the instanced objects are references in the stage, directing to a mesh entity and are in their correct locations.

When exported as either references or payloads, the exported instanced objects reference an Xform entity containing a mesh entity. Upon testing, resetting the transform values of the Xform entity fixes the misplaced objects, however, this does move the “original” mesh entity to the scene root, away from where it should be. Here are some more images illustrating the point:

It seems this rogue Xform entity is the cause of the issues where it should just reference to a prim as it does when exporting without the batch option selected. It goes without saying that the gizmo for the misplaced references appears in the correct place.

It’s worth mentioning that just resetting the transform of the references entities does not fix the issue; they just occupy the exact location as the references transform when doing this, my only option is to reset the transform of the transform, misplacing the “original” mesh entity.

I’ve uploaded a zip of the original 3DS Max scene as well as the USD exports with the exploded meshes as references and payloads.

3DSMaxConnectorExportIssues.7z (37.2 MB)

Thank you for reporting this @liam.c! I’ve sent it over to the dev team to evaluate!

A development ticket was created for this post: OM-81168: Instances batch exported as references/payloads explode from mesh

I’ve tested this in 3ds Max Connector 201.0 and cannot reproduce the issue. We did a lot of fixes in that release for batch+references.
Thank you!