[Bug Report] Two bugs in the latest Isaac Sim 2022.1.0

hello, Nvidia

I just spotted two bugs in the latest version (2022.1.0) of Isaac sim, may be you can fix them soon in the next release.

The first bug is the method get_applied_action() in the acticulation_controller.py. If you only send velocity command to the robot, like in your hello robot example, the applied_actions.joint_positions is None, so call this method it will throw AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘joint_positions’.

The second bug is caused by the default unit is changed from cm to m. I use current_stage_meters_per_unit = 1, which is m, but the get_world_pose() in XFromPrim still returns the position in cm, I think.

And there are a lot of troubles due to the unit change, such as the model will be clipped even the viewport or camera is far from the mesh.



Thanks Xiaozhu. we will work on the bugs for the next release.


This is not the bug. You are probably calling get_applied_action when simulation is not running. In that case we print a warning of ArticulationView needs to be initialized