Bug report? Two non-colliding objects collide with each other in 3ds max 2012


When I put two rigid objects (e.g. boxes) inside each other and put one of them to NOT “Collide with Rigid Bodies”, this works as expected during playback. Both remain at their pose. But when both objects are set to NOT “Collide with Rigid Bodies” they collide with each other, which is not OK to me.

This occurs with:
3ds max 2012
PhysX Plug-in Version 2.89.00313.15090 (I noted it in earlier version, but it starts to both me only now and this is the latest version)
PhysX SDK Version 3.2.3

The funny thing is that the objects do not collide in PhysX 2.8.5.

Could it be that the 3ds max filtershader function sets all non-colliding objects in one and the same collision group, instead of PxFilterFlag::eSUPPRESS?

Thanks, Jeroen


Sorry for the delay, I’ll bring this to the attention of the plugin team.


thanks for reporting this. We are working on it.

We fixed the problem. But it will take a while to make the next release. If you are urgent with the bug, you can email me via juma@nvidia.com.

Thanks for solving! The current built is annoying but I managed to work around for now, so I will wait for the next release.

By the way: is this forum the correct place to report bug? I think I have some more…