Bug report (weight-p does not work properly since NVIDIA drivers 387.92 onwards)

As per topic, the weight-p option fail to work properly with encode process being randomly aborted half-way.
Read the bug reports in order;

Aside from rigaya, ffmpeg users also report the same issue.

Hi JohnLai,

Our engineering team needs the exe, command line, and the content from you.

Could you provide them for us?

Ryan Park

You can get the latest transcoder version 4.02 here.
Extract NVEncC folder out. You only need the NVEncC64.exe and its companion files (avcodec-57.dll, avfilter-6.dll,avformat-57.dll,avutil-55.dll and swresample-2.dll)

Err…the command line can be found at https://github.com/rigaya/NVEnc/issues/34
Here is the image:

As for content, let say sharing of full movie is discouraged. It doesn’t occur right away with short sample. One need full length video as the error randomly trigger during bright to dark scene (fade in out) transition.
Just try to encode action movie such as marvel or dc superheroes. There are a lot of suitable scene to cause the error.

Note: We are talking about transcoding from bluray H264 to HEVC.

Aside from Rigaya NvencC64 transcoder, the weight-p error also happen with FFMPEG with error “Failed unlocking input buffer!: generic error (20)”. However, sometimes ffmpeg will continue to ‘encode’, but the output onwards after right fade in/out or screen transition will be corrupt.

Hi JohnLai,

The SA team cannot reproduce the problem in order for them to identify and fix the issue.

I know it may be challenging, but could you provide us the sample source? It would definitely help in speeding up the turnaround process to fix this issue.

Ryan Park

Now that is an issue. I can’t exactly upload almost 50Gb of Thor Ragnarok BD --> 1080p. My upload speed is only 10Mbps.

drSHLEFF report from the github is trying to convert PASSENGERS(2016)UHD BD --> 4K

dmurd report is trying to convert Chinese DVD movie Spring in a Small Town --> 480 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spring_in_a_Small_Town

Unless we are provided content, the SA team cannot proceed. They need a local repro on their end to look into the problem.

Is there perhaps a smaller file that one of these users can send directly to us?

You can email the content to video-sdk-feedback@nvidia.com

Ryan Park

How about the youtube video directly? This black and white film should be to able trigger the error. I hope the team know how to download the youtube content in H264/AVC format…

Chinese DVD movie Spring in a Small Town.

The type of video shouldn’t matter as it is the fade in/out that causes the error. Hmmm…

Hi rypark,

You can download an archive with a 30-second fragment of the original UHD-BD, on which an error occurs with the “–weightp” enabled. I added NVEncC 4.03 and all the necessary files to the archive. You just need to unrar it to any folder and run “sample–weightp.bat” (need to install Avisynth+ 2.60).


Size: 206Mb

rypark, it had been two weeks, any update on the weight-p bug?